Skeleton Keys: The Unimaginary Friend

Skeleton Keys: The Unimaginary Friend

The Unimaginary Friend


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Greetings! My name is Skeleton Keys and these fantabulant fingers of mine can open doors to hidden worlds... Join me for the curious tale of Ben Bunsen, whose only friend is a figment of his imagination ... until now. Ben can't believe it when his imaginary friend the Gorblimey becomes unimaginary. The Gorblimey is loyal and kind ... and real! But Skeleton Keys is far from convinced by the Gorblimey's friendly ways. He's got the twitch, which is (almost) never wrong, and it's telling him the Gorblimey is dangerous and needs banishing to the endless void of Oblivion. As Ben battles to save his new friend, the Gorblimey is soon the least of Skeleton Keys' worries. It seems that there's more than one unimaginary in town. And this one is out for revenge... The first book in the darkly comic new SKELETON KEYS series from the award-winning duo behind STITCH HEAD. Perfect for fans of David Walliams, AMELIA FANG and THE NOTHING TO SEE HERE HOTEL. Praise for THE UNIMAGINARY FRIEND: "Guy has mixed cleverly-created characters with his trademark humour and wit to give us his best book yet. This is one spooky series I'm going to devour!"

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