Robin hood

Robin hood

O´Brien, Kate

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Aprender inglés
A partir de 12 años
Tapa blanda
Inglés - English
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The highly successful Burlington Reader Series, containing 130 titles, is specially designed for ESO and Bachillerato students. It offers a wide variety of accessible adaptations and original stories that reflect the interests of students in these age groups. The Burlington Reader Series offers many exciting features: Grammatical structures and vocabulary are carefully controlled, ensuring each reader corresponds perfectly to the levels and needs of the Spanish school system. Difficult words appear in bold within the text and a contextual translation appears at the back of each book in four of the official languages of Spain. The introduction to each reader is also written in the four languages. Comprehension questions and activities are designed not only to consolidate the students' comprehension, but also to develop their ability to use textual and visual information. Audio CD recordings of all titles are available for teachers. These reinforce reading, listening and pronunciation skills while offering a stimulating and enjoyable way of presenting each story in the classroom. The Teacher's Resource Pack offers guidelines on how best to use the Burlington Reader Series. Also available upon request are booklets containing a plot summary for each book, background information, a set of worksheets, a final test, and a complete answer key to the comprehension questions, worksheets and final test.

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